Sun Soaked Redfish
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Jon B. is a Youtube Personality in the Outdoor Space, currently standing at over 1.6 Million Subscribers. Jon's wide ranging content continues to resonate with his audience, whether it be a 15 minute bass fishing vlog or a long format series documenting his trips around the US and abroad.

Jon began his partnership with Alex Blackwell on April 7th, 2019, completely entrusting his 9 year old channel's voice & style with his new hire. The Creative freedom Jon gives Alex has been an integral part in his growth as a visual storyteller. Since Alex's indoctrination to the channel, it has amassed over 500,000 new subscribers and nearly 100 million views. Jon attributes this growth to the team work & partnership they have formed. Handling the majority of filming and editing on Jon's channel, Alex is also an active moderator and conducts weekly analysis on the channel's trending topics and audience engagement. An in-depth look into Jon's audience has allowed Alex to key in on his growing subscribers and provide them with the content they desire, while staying true to the channel's foundational style. At the time of Alex's departure, 2020 was the fastest growing year in Jon's 10 year Youtube Career. 


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Jon and Alex spent the beginning of 2020 in Sudan filming an 8 part series for Catch Co.

This trip was the first documented exploration of the southern Red Sea. 12 Days, over 100 miles away from the closet port. This series debuted on Youtube but after being viewed by over 3 million people, the series will be released on Amazon Prime in the Fall of 2020. This will be Jon and Alex's first submission on Amazon Prime.

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Alex's role while with Jon was to film and edit all videos - run analytic research for future video ideas - Capture photography for brand sponsorships and social feed content - and manage the Youtube account in its totality.